Workshop “bowls and vases” in ceramic
Workshop “bowls and vases” in ceramic
Workshop “bowls and vases” in ceramic
Workshop “bowls and vases” in ceramic
Workshop “bowls and vases” in ceramic

Workshop “bowls and vases” in ceramic


Come and introduce yourself to ceramic for a weekend! 


The sanitary restrictions are unfortunately not allowing us to welcome groups in the workshop for the moment. To receive the future dates of workshops, check in to receive our Newsletter!

Learn how to handcraft your own bowls and vases, with traditional modeling techniques. After introducing yourself to the basics of modeling, you will learn how to personalize your pieces with unique details: like little feet below a bowl, a delicate handle, a three dimensional pattern, etc. Then we let them dry for the night on the shelves. 

After learning about the process of painting with “engobes” (decoration technique in ceramics), we start by painting little tiles to test different patterns. We have a very wide choice of colors at Dodo Toucan, most of them we create ourselves. Then you start decorating your creations, to add beautiful and colorful patterns!

Your creations are then cooked in the kiln at 980°C, for 2 days, enameled and cooked again. They will be ready approx. 10 days after your workshop, and you can come pick them up at the shop (you will receive an email when they're ready).

Duration of the workshop: 6 hours

Saturday (3h) & Sunday (3h)

Shop Dodo Toucan, 69 rue de Meaux, 75019 Paris

Adults and teenagers from 12 years old.

8 people maximum (with new sanitary restrictions)
All materials are provided by us.


Registrations to a workshop can be changed minimum 72h before the day and time of the workshop, by informing our team by email at
You will receive a voucher corresponding to the amount of the workshop, available 3 months after the date of the initial workshop. 
No reimbursement will be done on workshops.  

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